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Are you happy with plucking, waxing, or shaving the unwanted hair from different parts of your body? Accept it! Most of you won’t love to go through the painful process of waxing or tweezing. No more worries. Now, there is a comfortable and pain-free solution to achieve hair reduction. Thanks, to laser hair reduction treatment. This treatment is designed to permanently get rid of the unwanted hair by using laser light.

Do you dream of smooth, hair-free skin? Do you want to wear sleeveless dresses but unwanted hair is limiting your choice? A permanent solution to get rid of the unwanted hair and get a hair-free skin is to opt for laser hair removal technology. Permanent laser hair reduction treatment in Delhi is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic treatments in India.

If you are planning to undergo permanent laser hair reduction treatment in Delhi and want to know the best cost of quality and painless laser hair removal in Delhi for men or women, then Eterna Vision & Aesthetics is the right place for full body laser hair reduction in Delhi, India headed by renowned cosmetic surgeon DR. Hiranmayi Jha, who is one of the best surgeons specializing in permanent laser hair removal treatment in Delhi, equipped with advanced and latest laser hair removal procedures.

Permanent Laser Hair Reduction Treatment in Delhi:

Cosmetic centers make use of cutting-edge technology like diode lasers to get rid of the unwanted hair or coarse hairs permanently. The targeted area i.e., the hair pigments are exposed to light lasers. The laser heats the hair pigments and destroys the hair follicle completely. Over time, it will eliminate hair growth from the area that is being treated. Hence, it would leave you with silky smooth skin.

Procedure of Laser Hair Reduction Treatment:

The procedure of laser hair reduction treatment involves several steps to achieve effective and long-lasting results. To begin with, a consultation is scheduled with a qualified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr Hiranmayi Jha. During this consultation, the patient's concerns, medical history, and expectations are discussed in detail. Before the actual treatment, the targeted area is prepared by shaving the hair. The patient and the provider both wear protective eyewear to safeguard their eyes from the laser light. Next, the laser hair reduction treatment is performed using a handheld device that emits concentrated beams of light.

During the procedure the patient may feel the sensation of a slight warmth or a snapping rubber band on the skin. It's important to know that the process of achieving permanent reduction in hair requires multiple sessions of treatment. This is due to the fact that hair growth occurs in cycles and lasers are able to effectively target hair follicles during the growing phase. Thus, a sequence of sessions are usually scheduled at certain intervals to ensure that all hair follicles are addressed.

The course of the treatment is spaced at regular intervals. Hence, multiple sessions might be needed for complete hair removal and to get the best results. Hair must be trimmed a few days before the laser hair reduction treatment.


It works on the principles of photothermolysis wherein laser light targets the hair pigments and heats it to destroy the hair follicle. It works on the black or brown coloured hair. The best action occurs in the anagen phase of hair growth.

Mechanism of Laser Hair Reduction in Delhi:

First of all, the skin and hair pattern will be analyzed. Based on the results, the cosmetic surgeon decides the treatment procedure to be followed.

Laser hair removal is known to target the hair follicle by making use of a brief beam of light energy. The melanin within the hair follicle absorbs the laser light energy. This damages the hair follicle to such an extent that it prevents further hair regrowth. The process is completely safe and the surrounding tissue is left unharmed.

During the laser hair reduction treatment, you might feel a hot pricking sensation in the area that is going to be treated. However, the cooling tip of the laser devices cools off the area. Also, a cooling gel could be applied to the area to prevent any irritation.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Delhi

  • Long-lasting
  • Non-invasive
  • Quick and effective for all skin types
  • No Downtime
  • Perfect for any area of the body

Dr. Hiranmayi Jha is a highly regarded surgeon in Delhi, renowned for providing the best permanent laser hair reduction treatment in Delhi. With her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of dermatology, Dr. Hiranmayi Jha offers exceptional services that have gained the trust and satisfaction of countless patients. At Eterna Vision & Aesthetics we offer the best laser hair reduction treatment in Delhi. We ensure the best service and your safety at every step and each step is thoroughly explained by our experts to the patient. Book an appointment!

Average Cost Of Laser Hair Reduction Treatment in Delhi

The average cost of laser hair reduction treatment in Delhi, particularly at Eterna Vision and Aesthetics Clinic, is influenced by factors such as the treatment area, the number of sessions required, and the clinic's reputation. Generally, laser hair reduction costs in Delhi may range from INR 2,000 to INR 15,000 per session, with a complete treatment typically requiring multiple sessions. Eva Clinic, recognized for its expertise in cosmetic procedures, offers comprehensive consultations and personalized treatment plans for individuals seeking effective and long-lasting laser hair reduction. For accurate cost estimates and tailored advice, scheduling a consultation at Eterna Vision and Aesthetics Clinic is recommended.

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    Do you have a lot of hair over your body? Do you dream of a hair-free body? If your answer is yes to all these questions, you are the right candidate for laser hair removal.

    Depending on the number of areas that are going to be treated, the treatment time would vary. For the complete removal of unwanted hair, several sittings might be needed.

    Every skin tone could be treated with laser.

    Generally, 6-8 sessions of laser hair reduction are needed to get rid of unwanted hair from the body.

    98% of hair removal cases are successful with recommended follow-ups.

    The laser hair reduction cost in Delhi or other cities depends on factors such as the treatment area's size, the number of sessions required, and the clinic's facilities. On average, prices range from INR 2,000 to 10,000 per session. Consultations are crucial for accurate cost estimation based on individual needs.

    The cost of laser hair removal treatment in Delhi or other cities is influenced by factors like the treatment area's size, the number of sessions needed for desired results, the type of laser technology used, and the clinic's reputation and location. Each patient's needs are unique, affecting the overall cost.

    To find a reliable clinic for laser hair removal treatment in metro cities like Delhi, research reputable clinics with certified dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons offering laser services. Look for reviews, testimonials, and before-and-after photos. Schedule consultations to discuss treatment options, expectations, and any concerns before making a decision. DR HIRANMAYI JHA of Eterna Vision & Aesthetic Clinic is a reputed Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon, practicing best in such surgeries in Delhi and NCR.

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