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The cosmetic benefits of a tummy tuck are many. Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck surgery involves a procedure that tightens stomach muscles and provides your tummy with a more toned appearance. This surgery is designed to provide patients with a flatter tummy. This procedure also helps patients to eliminate excess skin and belly overhang from their bodies. There are many types of tummy tuck surgery available.

Read on to find out more about the tummy tuck procedure, its types, and more!

What is Tummy Tuck Surgery?

If you are exercising every single day, following a diet, and doing everything you can to get rid of a fat tummy but none of it is working, it's high time you give tummy tuck surgery a chance. Tummy tuck surgery involves the removal of excess fat and skin and tightening muscles present in our abdominal wall. It is often confused with liposuction, but abdominoplasty and liposuction are quite different from each other.

Tummy tuck surgery is major surgery and is suitable for healthy men and women. Pregnant women might find this surgery very helpful as several pregnancies can have an unflattering impact on their bodies.

People who were previously obese or overweight but still have excess amounts of fat or loose skin on their belly can also go for tummy tuck surgery.

Women planning to get pregnant soon must not opt for tummy tuck surgery as this surgery will tighten their vertical muscles. Future pregnancies can separate these tightened muscles. One should not view tummy tuck as a weight-loss alternative. It is only suitable for those who have tried everything else out but haven't been provided with the desired results.

While opting for tummy tuck surgery, patients must also enquire and discuss the appearance of scars, their placement, and length.

Let’s understand the different types of tummy tuck surgery.

Types Of Tummy Tuck

The abdominal area of human beings is divided into two different sections - the upper and lower region. A standard, extended, mini, or panniculectomy surgery usually works best on the lower abdominal area while the reverse tummy tuck procedure improves and reshapes the upper abdominal area. Below mentioned are a few types of tummy tuck procedures that we specialize in:-

i) Standard Tummy Tuck

The standard tummy tuck surgery is quite a common procedure and is also known as the full tummy tuck. The surgery aims to reshape, enhance and tone the lower abdominal area. Women who have gone through several pregnancies and childbirths often go for the standard tummy tuck. In this procedure, an incision is made right above the pubic area but below the belly button. This spans from one hipbone to another and allows the removal of excess fat, muscle, or skin. Liposuction is done on the lower area for a flatter tummy and the abdominal muscles are tightened during this procedure. In some procedures, the belly button is repositioned to give the tummy proper symmetry.

ii) Reverse Tummy Tuck

The reverse tummy tuck is also known as reverse abdominoplasty. This surgery is done on the upper portion of the midsection present just below the breasts. Some people have a toned lower abdomen but the upper section has fatty tissue present. In such cases, a reverse tummy tuck is done with one long incision or two small ones right under the breasts or breast folds. These fatty tissues are removed and tucked upwards. A reverse tummy tuck works well with a mini tummy tuck surgery. It can also be done along with breast augmentation surgery.

iii) Mini Tummy Tuck and Limited Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck is extremely helpful for those who want to remove just a small amount of fatty tissue present below their belly button. This surgery is less invasive and provides patients with results that are similar to standard tummy tuck surgery. The mini tummy tuck surgery is suitable for patients who have followed a diet and a strict exercise regimen to maintain their figure but have just a small area of fat, often called "pooch", below their belly button. In this surgery, a smaller incision is done right above the pubic area. A limited tummy tuck is quite similar to a mini tummy tuck. This procedure involves the removal of excess fat in a very small and limited area.

iv) Extended Tummy Tuck

Extended tummy tuck surgery is suitable for patients requiring the removal of a large amount of loose skin or fatty tissue present in the lower abdominal area or lower back region. This procedure is invasive and involves an incision made above the pubic region, entire abdominal area, or the back of each hip. This surgery helps provide patients with more extensive abdominal contouring.

Tummy Tuck Surgeries should only be done by highly trained professionals. Before deciding on getting the surgery done, get yourself checked if you are the right candidate for the surgery.

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