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Breast implant surgery is a widely-known cosmetic treatment, which at the same time comes with a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions. This might become a challenge to you to know what is true or not. Even you can get confused about what questions to ask if you are considering the process.

In this blog, we aim to break some common myths about implants and give you the accurate information needed to make decisions for breast augmentation in Delhi.

Myth #1: Breast Implants Are Uncanny.

Fact: Modern breast implants are available in almost an unlimited number of shapes, sizes, and surface textures now. An experienced surgeon with efficiency can help you choose implants that blend with your natural body shape and achieve the desired appearance. They can be made to appear faint and smooth or to make more breast projection and cleavage.

During this consultation with the surgeon, your target will be set and appropriate implant type and size will be recommended to you based on your anatomy. This guarantees that the last steps of the procedure are done equally and in proportion with the frame of a picture.

Myth #2: Breast Implant Getting Leaked or Ruptured is Common

Fact: There are two types of breast implants: silicone and saline. Although bursts may occur, they are not frequently the case. Current implants are fabricated using materials that are resistant to deformation and are subjected to various tests to ensure they withstand the conditions.

Moreover, some implants today are equipped with a saline layer that is built-in and which gives a clear indicator if the silicone gel ends up leaking. It should be emphasised that yearly mammograms after breast implant surgery are still of great importance for keeping tabs on the implants' state.

Myth #3: Breast Implantation Can Impair the Success in Breastfeeding.

Fact: Recent research has shown that in most cases implants have no direct impact on a woman's ability to breastfeed. Although, it is crucial to bring up your concerns about breastfeeding with your doctor at the initial meeting.

The location of the implant can be chosen either behind or in front of the breast muscle which may reduce or eliminate the impact of the implant on milk production. Furthermore, a lot of women who have had surgery on breast implants may suffer from temporary difficulties in milk coming, but with the assistance and support of a lactation consultant, the majority of women usually can breastfeed successfully.

Myth #4: Breast implant surgery is a painful procedure and the recovery is a long one.

Fact: Surgery has made progress not only in the methods of operation but also in pain control so that breast implant surgery does not cause great discomfort. The majority of the surgeries, however, are being done on an outpatient basis, i.e. you can get home on the same day.

It is estimated that you will feel some pain and swelling after the operation, however, the medication will help you deal with that. The recovery time will consider the person and the type of procedure, but most of the women will go to work after a week or two.

Myth #5: Breast Implants Are Lifetime Tools.

Fact: The life cycle of any breast implant is not infinite. The shell may become weaker with time or the filling break, which will result in the replacement of the implant. An implant lifespan can vary significantly, depending on several factors of which type of implant, your body's chemistry, and lifestyle habits are just an example.

In the majority of cases, elderly women need to undergo replacement operations. It is essential to select a board-certified plastic surgeon who can inform you about the long-term effects of breast implant surgery and make a plan together with you for future maintenance.

Planning a Breast Implant Operation: A Thorough Approach

Below are certain more points that you need to keep in mind if you are planning to opt for breast enlargement surgery in Delhi.

  • Research your surgeon
  • Schedule a consultation
  • Have realistic goals
  • Consider your overall health
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